The “working from home” experience

– work? Or (1) watch 5 minutes of a 6 minute Jenna Marbles video, (2) now guilty for having wasted 5 minutes, work for 30 seconds, (3) encounter a tiny problem, and so to avoid fixing that problem (4) open a new tab so you can watch 3 minutes of a 10 minute Buzzfeed video (leaving the first video’s last minute for later)

– work? Or eat an entire bowl of chips with chopsticks while browsing facebook/tumblr/reddit/instagram/snapchat/myspace/newgrounds/neopets/wikihow/livejournal/quizilla?

– work? Or go to the bathroom and get distracted by fixing your eyebrows even though YOU ARE WORKING FROM HOME AND NOBODY WILL SEE YOUR EYEBROWS

– work? Or write a dumb blog post talking about your inability to function as a mature adult for the little dopamine rushes you get from notifications? #META #DRAGME

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