Amateur Dramatics

“Amateur Dramatics” (2018) is a minimalist piece about desire—a tense, hazy moment between two actors, who, with help from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, slip into a moment of pure fictionality to find truth within themselves.

Runtime: 7mins.
Budget: $2000.

Viewing available upon request.

Vancouver Queer Film Festival, 2019
CINEMQ, 2019
Asians on Film Festival of Shorts, 2019
East Van Showcase, 2019
Queerbee LGBT Film Festival, 2019
Reelout Queer Film Festival, 2020
Out Film CT, 2020

Distributed by the CFMDC from 2019
Acquired by Dekkoo, a video-on-demand streaming service geared towards gay men, 2020-2022

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