AP Psychology – MOOC

I served as the primary video supervisor for Dr. Steven J. Barnes’ AP Psychology MOOC, first published on EdX in 2016-17.

The majority of the work involved editing Dr. Barnes’ recorded lectures, to add further text and animate visuals; I helped supervise two other editors we added to this specific task. A sample of this work on his lecture on the Eye can be seen here; suggested viewing 0:45 – 0:57.

I also did some videography work for the project, filming and editing demos of experiments, and interviews. Here’s the video we did re-enacting Dr. Elizabeth Dunn’s “Happy Money” experiment.

For the intro videos for each part of each course, I drew custom animations to add interest, clarity and fun to these short videos, per these examples:

MOOC-Intro1Course 2 Part 5: States of Consciousness

MOOC-intro2Course 4 Part 5: Personality Psychology

Finally, I also wrote, directed, edited and voiced several custom pieces for the courses, several in collaboration with illustrator Kim Nipp. Here’s one:

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