AP Psychology – MOOC

I served as the primary video supervisor for Dr. Steven J. Barnes’ AP Psychology MOOC, first published on EdX in 2016-17.

The majority of the work involved editing Dr. Barnes’ recorded lectures, to add further text and animate visuals; I helped supervise two other editors we added to this specific task. A sample of this work on his lecture on the Eye can be seen here; suggested viewing 0:45 – 0:57.

I also did some videography work for the project, filming and editing demos of experiments and interviews.

For the intro videos for each part of each course, I drew custom animations to add interest, clarity and fun to these short videos, per these examples:

MOOC-Intro1Course 2 Part 5: States of Consciousness

MOOC-intro2Course 4 Part 5: Personality Psychology

Finally, I also wrote, directed, edited and voiced several custom pieces for the courses, several in collaboration with illustrator Kim Nipp. Here’s one that has recieved over 50,000 views and particularly positive feedback:

As Ana M puts it: “The video explained in less than 10 minutes what teachers cannot do for several lectures.” 🙂

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