The TYDE Project

The TYDE Project (“Transitioning Youth with Disabilities and Employment”, more info at is led by Dr. Rachelle Hole from The Center for Inclusion and Citizenship at UBCO.

I served as the lead video producer for the project, and created 9 distinct 20-40min modules that aimed to teach teens age 14 -16 with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their parents, about employment.

The teens’ content was embedded in a larger “space” narrative, and delivered in character-led interactive videos.

In my role, I produced content (e.g., overseeing workflow; recruiting artists and actors); wrote scripts; created storyboards and animations; and directed, voiced and edited content. I worked closely with Jaclyn Loewen on backgrounds and Spencer Soares on characters.

An early prototype can be seen here: tyde-focusprototy.png

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