Naked Cinema: Unspoken

“Naked Cinema” is a collaborative filmmaking process supervised by prof. Tom Scholte at UBC: a team of writer/directors pair with a team of actors, and through discussion, improvisation and rehearsal, arrive at a set of characters and scenes.

In the 2017-18 rendition (Naked Cinema: Unspoken) I supervised the Mel/Lucy/Jade storyline, in which a careerwoman’s bubbling resentment for her girlfriend’s needy sister tests their relationship—both of the couple and the sisters.

In production, filmmakers under Naked Cinema are limited to a revised rendition of the dogme 95 rules: always shot on location with natural light, with minimal post-sound or image editing; Scholte further encourages single-takes and minimal coverage (in 2017, limiting a maximum of 3 set-ups per scene). In this way filmmakers are forced to focus on performance and story above all: to be present with the actors, instead of with equipment or special effects.

Premiere information (Jan 29, 2018):

A select clip of my work in the piece can be seen in my Director’s Reel.

The entire film can be seen here:

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